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  • QR Codes turn your ad into a multi-platform product.
  • Yellow pages not worth the cost? Pay only for leads.
  • There is no mass in mass media anymore.
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  • We’re not just Yellow Pages anymore.

ACTIVATION (ac′·ti·va′·tion) – noun – to make active; cause to engage in activity

We are Activation Media Strategists – We are BVK Direct

As a full service direct media placement agency, we close the loop from local search to connection with a potential buyer at their moment of need. Since 1992, we’ve been providing clients with ‘best in class’ service and savings.

We serve over 200 businesses throughout the nation. We are financially sound and well respected.

Our Services

Market Analysis, Independent Research, Consultation, Budget Planning, Ad Design, Ad Placement, Tracking, Account Automation.

BVK Direct brings the same completeness and accuracy of your print programs to Google+, Yahoo!, Yelp, and 100′s of other places your customers search. Click here to learn more. 

  • ONLINE – Display, Directory, Listing Management, Paid Search (SEM + SEO), Reputation Management & Video
  • PRINT - Yellow Pages
  • MOBILE – Directory, GPS, Local Search and Text Messaging
  • MEASUREMENT TOOLS – Call Tracking, Click & Conversion Tracking